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PlatformE – Leading the digital fashion revolution

by wrich

PlatformE is a next generation technology company founded in 2015 with a mission to accelerate the fashion industry’s  transition to a new made-to-order standard, promoting more sustainable and efficient practices and tackling one of the  biggest problems of industry, overproduction. Headquartered in London and offices in Porto, this innovative business offers brands the opportunity to streamline its digital fashion across the value chain and produce garments on-demand.  PlatformE’s can work with fashion brands can create their items, sell and only produce them after the point of purchase  with constant and integrated access to their entire production chains. 

Traditional seasonal production calendars within fashion lead to a mountains of clothes being thrown away each year,  having a hugely detrimental impact on the environment. By 2030, it is predicted that than 134 million tonnes of textiles will be discarded a year (BBC, 2021). PlatformE offers a powerful solution for brands to tackle this problem and move  away from the traditional system of mass production, future proofing brands against monetary losses and their ability  to operate with as little waste as possible. PlatformE offers a viable shift towards a new model of production: rather  than producing stock in advance, each product is produced according to demand, meaning that every item has a home. 

Since its launch, PlatformE has worked with brands such as Gucci, Pangaia, Puma, The North Face and Diverge, among  others to provide at scale the best solutions for made-to-order and support manufacturing with the necessary digital  transformation. 

PlatformE is a one-stop-shop platform, offering three key pillars of services: 

3D Digital Product Creation with the highest level of quality for production and consumer-facing retail  experiences. 

– A platform of Tech Solutions to streamline e-fashion across the value chain – from the product configurator to  software that orchestrates orders, production, and logistics. 

– A global network of Digital-savvy Factories that can produce Fashion products on-demand and in record time. 

The services allow for small batch productions that can shorten the turnaround from samples to retail to under six  weeks. Brands can benefit from risk-free launches, digitized and transparent production development processes, and  better relationships with their customers. The company already helped the biggest players in fashion to connect  demand directly to production and increase the number of products that they sell at full price. 

PlatformE is welcoming fashion to the Industry 5.0: Digital, Agile, Consumer-centered, Inventory-less, and Sustainable. www.platforme.com/ 


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