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Why do companies need a trained menopause coach?

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By Lauren Chiren 


Being Menopause savvy is a vital part of HR, diversity, wellbeing, inclusion and belonging in any company. As women work later into life and in increasingly senior roles, menopause is a topic that requires awareness, training and support.

Companies and employers without menopause awareness training may notice decreased productivity, and women asking to be demoted or move into sideways roles. In fact, it has been found that 47% of women consider leaving their jobs, and 12% simply leave. 

A recent parliament report* asked women about the most important things employers could do to support employees experiencing menopause. 

A number of themes emerged as to what respondents wanted their employers to do. 

Respondents wanted to see a greater understanding of the menopause, and its impact, in the workplace, and many pointed to the need for managers to receive training. 

The main points respondents wanted employers to address were:

  • Have open space for discussion
  • Have policies
  • Provide flexibility
  • Provide education
  • Support cultural changes
  • Develop support networks

“I really felt competent to help my colleagues. I’d always listened to my colleagues, but never felt ‘qualified’. to help. Now I am clearer on what I can do, I’m much more confident helping others”

– Oki, 47, Head of D&I, Global Derivatives company after training as a Menopause Coach

There are several excellent reasons why it benefits a company to have a trained menopause coach on the staff. As an employer, this will support you to:

  • Attract and retain female talent – women age 50+ are the fastest growing economically active demographic in the UK. 
  • Improve wellbeing and morale, in turn boosting performance, productivity and employee engagement
  • Promote inclusivity and belonging – make your company a great place to work
  • Contribute to the aspiration of 50% of roles being held by women
  • Help reduce the gender pay gap

Managing the effects of menopause at work is important for both employees and staff members. 

Having a staff member trained in supporting colleagues with menopause at work, whether for themselves, or a team member, will help your company flourish as an inclusive workplace.

*House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee, Menopause, and the workplace survey report 2021-22 



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