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Taking the stress out of Court bundles: let us lighten your load

by wrich

At Global BPO we know that for any litigation lawyer, getting your case to the inside of a Courtroom is a long journey, full of many twists and turns.  

Yes, it’s incredibly rewarding when the matter you have been working on for months, may be even years, reaches that “lights, camera, action” moment of the first day of trial but the butterflies in the stomach will also likely be out in force – as you keep everything crossed that you’ve done all that’s needed to secure a good result for your client. You hope that you haven’t overlooked anything vital, that you have attended to all the practical matters, that your arguments are watertight and that witnesses perform as expected! 

Litigation is certainly a labour-intensive, time consuming and expensive business from a client’s point of view and not to be embarked upon lightly by anyone who has an eye on their budget. However sometimes, it just can’t be avoided when settlement isn’t an option and a hearing is inevitable.

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Anyone who has ever watched boxes of files being delivered by people pushing trolleys into the High Court in London will also know that any case still involves a lot of paper, even as we are moving towards electronic solutions.  Usually, the more complex a case, the more documentation is required. 

Where a case involves multiple parties, it is necessary to provide numerous copies of the Court bundle for everyone who is going to be present – not just the judge.  

As part of our service, Global BPO can produce court bundles for your case, copying, collating, paginating and checking to ensure a flawless product. 

By removing some of the strain of this administrative but vital work, lawyers are freed up to focus on the legal issues and arguments of the case. 

It is usually much more cost-effective for Global BPO to produce bundles rather than having them prepared in-house. Offering a cost reduction to clients, who will already have incurred significant legal costs getting their case to a hearing, fosters goodwill and helps cement working relationships for the future.

One of my first cases as a junior litigation partner involved a case with some very technical land law arguments, several expert witnesses, a high volume of photographs, plans and drawings as well as long statements from numerous witnesses. It also involved multiple parties. I had so much to juggle and I really wanted to get a good result for an important client and prove that I deserved to be a partner. However, what was really keeping me awake at night was the responsibility of producing all the bundles for Court. I had nightmares about the judge turning to a document which wasn’t there and page numbers being put on the wrong side of the document! When the client asked if we could outsource what they considered to be lower skilled work, I was delighted to find Global BPO who lifted a huge burden from my shoulders and worked in true partnership with us to produce all our Court bundles. Our own print room would have really struggled to scale up its operations and the finished product from Global was perfect – meaning no embarrassing moments in Court!” Laura, partner at boutique London firm.

Find out how we can help you with your court bundles. For a confidential, no obligation chat contact info@globalbpo.co.uk

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