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How to Use Web Analytics To Improve Your Online Business

by wrich

Web traffic is simply the number of visitors that receive and send data to a site. This number in turn does not always include the automated traffic generated by robots. Since the late-1990s, web traffic is now the largest part of Internet traffic. With more people turning to the Internet for information, businesses are using web traffic to sell products and services, increase awareness for new products, and reach targeted audiences. In order to improve visibility of your website on the web and increase traffic, you should consider some of the following tips:

First, it’s important to understand how you analyze web traffic. This includes understanding what types of visits are happening to your site. Visitors can come to your site through search engines, natural search results, links, and advertisements. Understanding what types of visitors are visiting your site will allow you to know what to do with them so you can maximize the time and effort spent on reaching them. To reach a larger audience, it’s important to understand how you should evaluate your web traffic.

Analyzing web traffic based on visitors who have clicked on advertisements, purchased products from your affiliate sites, or visited other pages from your site shows you how many visitors have been led to your site by these direct traffic sources. If you see a pattern of visitors who came in via advertising, then you should focus your attention on increasing your organic traffic. Organic traffic comes from people clicking on advertisements. You can also increase your organic traffic by focusing on your landing page, which is the page where visitors first see your advertisement.

There are four main ways to evaluate your web traffic: paid advertising, pay per click, organic search results, and social media channels. Paid advertising involves paying someone to place an ad on your site. Typically, this is done through a network such as Google AdWords or Facebook. Pay per click generally occurs when someone clicks on an ad from your site. When assessing your online exposure, you will want to consider which of these channels generated the most traffic for your site.

Social media channels tend to be a mixed bag. Some forms of social media generate significant traffic that may not be easy to quantify in most cases. However, some forms of these media can be very difficult to measure and may still provide good insight into the performance of your website. Conversions from these segments can often provide a more accurate reflection of your performance than any single metric alone.

All of the metrics mentioned above can be valuable to your overall efforts. By comparing your organic, inbound, and social media metrics along with your pay-per-click data you can get a comprehensive picture of your traffic. As you gather more traffic, you can fine tune your campaigns and continue to optimize the value you deliver to your customers. Web analytics makes it easier than ever before to understand your web traffic and help you maximize the results you receive. 


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