Home News Define Tech Ltd. and CloudCIX Ltd. announce strategic alliance to deliver HPC optimised Cloud Services.

Define Tech Ltd. and CloudCIX Ltd. announce strategic alliance to deliver HPC optimised Cloud Services.

by wrich

LONDON, UK – October 26, 2021: Define Tech Limited, an independent software vendor focused on Cloud technology has teamed up with CloudCIX Ltd., to help develop HPC, Storage and AI orchestration capabilities on top of the CloudCIX platform.

Best known for its data centre services, offering connectivity for Munster businesses, CloudCIX has also developed an Open-Source Cloud Provisioning Platform, making the technology available to businesses of all sizes. CloudCIX is a multi-region multi-tenanted Cloud provisioning platform, that supports Linux and Windows via KVM and HyperV virtualisation. CloudCIX runs on any hardware and is available either as a Public Cloud or as fully supported Private Cloud platform.

As businesses and consumers adopt more data intensive services, as well as HPC and AI tools and techniques, the need for affordable and latency-rich Cloud services will only continue to grow. According to a recent report from IDC, more than 90% of global enterprises will rely on some form of hybrid cloud by 2022, and similarly a report from Business Wire found that 97% of IT managers plan to distribute workloads across two or more clouds in order to maximize resilience, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and leverage best-of-breed services from different providers.

As part of this new alliance, Define Tech will focus on building HPC and AI capabilities on top of the CloudCIX platform, including the integration of its Kubernetes stack that will enable containerised applications and simplified deployment methods – growing the platforms feature set for high-end workloads, and simplifying Cloud adoption for European customers.

“With both UK and EU political agendas focusing on tech sovereignty and in particular data sovereignty, we recognise the importance of having more local Cloud service providers across Europe. There is too much reliance on US providers where the vast majority of our critical infrastructure and sensitive data is being executed and stored – it’s time for us to deliver an alternative offering closer to home.” David Power, CTO at Define Tech

“The CloudCIX Open-Source Cloud Computing platform is an ideal underlay on which virtual solutions can be built. We are delighted to partner with Define Tech Limited to target several HPC sectors.” Jerry Sweeney, CEO at CloudCIX

To find out more, visit www.define-technology.com or www.cloudcix.com.


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